To make appointment for Henna drawings please call, write a message or send an email.


Inese Dāvidsone

E-mail: +371 28 303 179


Prices for henna design application:

  • One symbol application - Euro 30
  • Application on one hand/arm or one foot/leg - Euro 40
  • Application on both hands/arms or feet/legs - Euro 60


Henna drawings are made at Riga, Latvian Academy of Science, 10th floor, Office No.1008.


Drawings in an amount starting from 200 euro can be agreed to be made in a beneficial to client place in Latvia or abroad.


You can also purchase gift cards, which is a great possibility to give to someone close to you any of the works of art. Gift cards for EUR 30, EUR 40 and EUR 60 are available.


Individual workshop – master class

Unique opportunity to learn individually the ancient art of Henna drawing. This is a valuable contribution to your aesthetic and artistic growth. Or it can be a great gift for a beloved person. The price of 2 hour master class is EUR 99. All working materials are included.


Henna Party

An opportunity for a group of 6-10 of people to learn the ancient tradition of Henna drawing, learn the practical skills for paste flowing and ornament making on the worksheet, then create your own work of art on paper, and finally draw it on your skin or on your friend’s skin. These are exciting 3 hours, which allow to learn a new skill, to spend the time creatively, exciting and worthwhile and in a memory about it to make yourself a drawing on the skin. 3 h party price is Euro 250.  All working materials included.


Corporate events

The opportunity to get a Henna drawing during a celebration in the company. The tariffs applied by the artist: Euro 80 per hour, plus the price of the working material, depending on the number of people.


Photo sessions

Henna drawings on the skin allow to artistically decorate the body with ornaments, flowers, motifs and compositions. It is a wonderful opportunity to decorate with traditional art of the ancient cultures. Especially beautiful are the Henna drawings for a Pregnancy or Nudity session.


! The most complete colour saturation Henna designs obtains after 24-48h, because at this time Henna paste oxidizes and reacts with skin proteins, obtaining a brown tone. Therefore, the drawing should be planned two days before.

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